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Yaay! I won with Elle Magazine & Babor!

How many of you, like me, spend time on the “WIN” section of the Elle Magazine website? I try my luck at the different offers, writing reasons why I should win, etc, etc., and I finally won a Babor Cleansing and Winter Care hamper valued at R2500($200).This isn’t the first time I’d win with Elle, I once won a body shimmer lotion, but this one has to be the “hugest” win of my entire life. I don’t really remember what reason I gave to win but I think it had something to do with how dry my skin was in winter and how I desperately needed good skin care products. I really do have an extreme dry skin condition.

Elle had the gift delivered to my apartment, unfortunately I wasn’t home but my brother was and he collected on my behalf. I was so touched when they later called me and told me they had just dropped it off and they really hope I enjoy the product and I should feel free to contact them if I have any questions. That was so sweet. I’m a little nervous about trying it out because, what if it’s great? What if it does magic to my skin, and then it finishes? Can I afford this brand? Is it really something my paycheck can carry? I am currently using Clinique and Nuxe and I feel like that’s my limit. I am not sure how much each item costs since there are 5 products in the hamper, maybe it’s affordable. It’s something I’d definitely look into. I can’t wait to try it out. I am super duper excited!!



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