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Wanderlust Diaries: Riding along the Sea Point Promenade

You’re new in Cape Town and searching for exciting things to do, or you’re planning a visit and need access to details to plan your itinerary properly, or you’re a Cape Townian and you’ve heard people talk about the promenade; whatever category you fall under, this is very important for you, go for a walk or a ride along the Sea Point promenade (see map with directions at the bottom of this post). 

Sea Point Promenade Outdoor Gym
Outdoor Gym

I live in Cape Town and I find places like this and just fall in love with the city again. I’ve always driven past the promenade and took for granted how precious it could be if I joined the many people I always saw walking or riding along the dedicated sidewalks and bicycle routes. The promenade is so beautiful, so beautiful that every evening a pile of people come out to either take a walk along it, or a ride, or just sit and watch the sunset with loved one. Something that draws people to the same place continuously, and in large numbers, without them ever getting tired of it, I think beautiful should be an understatement.


It is located about 45 minutes walk from the city center. Use Google maps to direct you to Beach Road, SeaPoint (or use the map below) and you can’t miss the promenade. First thing you’d see is the playground and the outdoor gym, you can start your walk from there.It’s a gift, a blessing, it’s luck, it’s a privilege, to experience this, and especially to live in a city that has this. You go once and you want to go again, and again. Today, you take a ride; tomorrow, you talk a walk; next week, you go sit and feed the sea gulls; next time, it’s the outdoor gym. There are countless ways you can make use of this free gift and the mere knowledge of that drives me crazy, in a good way. It’s free, it’s beautiful, it’s magical. How did I get so lucky?The destination was the Biskop (Afrikaans for Bishop) Steps, read more details about it here. It was a workout session involving a ride along the promenade and all the way to the steps at Clifton. The Biskop Steps are 301 stairs in all and perfect for an intense workout. You usually find people there running or lunging up the stairs for a really good workout. 

Random Bicycle I though was cute

It was a 4hr 30mins long trips because we had just 2 bicycles and one person ran/walked while others rode. Woke up next morning with rocks as calves but it was well worth it. Stopping for ice cream on the way back, the laughs, the beyond amazing views, the workout, it was one day I truly marveled at the beauty of the earth, the gift that is life and the blessing it is to exist in a world that’s beyond beautiful.

My Bicycle



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