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The Ultimate Zanzibar Travel Guide Series: Clothing Essentials

Are you unable to decide what to wear on your Zanzibar trip? Unsure of what clothing essentials to pack or where to shop? Don’t worry, I’ve got you. I’ll be sharing clothing restrictions in Zanzibar, what I wore on my trip, clothing essentials to pack with you on your trip and where you can shop them.


First off, as far as I know, there are no restrictions regarding clothing. I’m aware that Zanzibar is majorly an islamic island and most women are all covered up. But I saw lots of women dressed in skirts, pants, etc. On my first day, I wore a see through mini dress with denim shorts underneath and didn’t get any weird looks from anyone. I believe they are now accustomed to tourists and their way of dressing, so as far as I know there are no rules or restrictions. I walked around the beach in a bikini and nobody acted like the world was about to end. zanzibar-travel-guide-what-to-wearzanzibar-travel-guide-what-to-wear


I was busy having too much fun in Zanzibar that I forgot to take pictures of what I wore. So, when I got back to Cape Town, I got one of my friends to model the outfits for me because she has a banging body and would totally slay the clothes more than I did. There were a few outfits I got some shots of and I’ll be sharing them too. I designed and made all my beach outfits myself, trust me, I’m super proud of that?. I wore this white dress the night before my birthday to a beach party. It was so beautiful and so dreamy to dance in, I felt super special ☺️.
zanzibar-travel-guide-what-to-wearZanzibar-travel-guide-what-to-wear-clothing-essentials Zanzibar-travel-guide-what-to-wear-clothing-essentials Zanzibar-travel-guide-what-to-wear-clothing-essentials Zanzibar-travel-guide-what-to-wear-clothing-essentials


I’m going to share some of the essential clothing items to take on your trip, and I’ll add sites where you can shop similar items. So, essential clothing items you absolutely have to take with you on your trip are:

  1. Bikinis/Swimsuits – as many as you can carry, but at least five, hehe.
  2. Bikini coverups – at least two for times when you get out of the beautiful ocean to explore more, or take a boat trip.
  3. Two pairs of flip-flops, especially if you lose one pair like I did.
  4. A large tote to carry all your daily essentials – day to night.
  5. Two pairs of comfortable sandals, sneakers or shoes – for off the beach activities like climbing the coral rocks at the Coral Cave in Mangwapani.
  6. Underwear, of course.
  7. Sunglasses – don’t go without these, seriously. Both for the aesthetics and the other stuff?.
  8. A wide-brim straw hat – take two for more styling and *pictures*.
  9. An umbrella – in case it rains. Tropical weather can be unpredictable.
  10. At least 7 summer dresses or outfits.
  11. A light jacket – for chilly nights and airplanes.
  12. Jewelries – anklets, chokers, bracelets (or you can buy locally made ones from the local sellers you see on the Zanzibar beaches).
  13. Lightweight scarves – for chilly nights, plus they add more style to your outfit.
  14. Beach towel – most times the hotel provides this, but pack one just in case.
  15. A wallet – for all your cards and cash.
  16. Lastly, a camera to take awesome pictures of all your island outfits. Whoop!!

Continue reading for outfit details and where you can shop similar items.zanzibar-travel-guide-what-to-wearzanzibar-travel-guide-what-to-wearzanzibar-travel-guide-what-to-wear zanzibar-travel-guide-what-to-wear zanzibar-travel-guide-what-to-wear

Airport Outfit
At the Coral Cave, Mangwapani
Before going paddle boarding. The top is a swimsuit.



White bikini bottoms: TMId, similar here and here

White swimsuit: TMId, similar here and here

Grey velvet swimsuit: TMId, similar here and here

Black bikini top: TMId (Used in this ad campaign), similar here and here

White sheer cotton and lace off shoulder maxi dress: TMId, similar here and here

Pink swimsuit: TMId, similar here and here

White hooded beach coverall: TMId, similar here and here

White pants with front slit: TMId, similar here and here

Hakuna MaFuckit t-shirt: A gift from a hotel owner (I’ll share the story on another post), similar here and here

Printed wide leg pants: TMId, similar here and here

Denim shorts: Thrifted, similar here and here

White t-shirt: – Stolen from my brother, similar here and here

High-waisted jeans: H&M, similar here and here

Straw hat: Truworths, similar here and here

Flipflops: Mr Price, similar here and here



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