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Travel: Wine Farm Hopping in The Cape Winelands

Before I even go into talking about the fun and excitement I had while wine tasting, I just want to drop this point. If my blog was a human and I’d been paying the amount of attention I’ve been paying it the last few months, our relationship will be dead AF! Like it’d not even be speaking to me at the moment. I’m tired of apologizing and stuff, I just hope I do better next year. 

One of the known rituals when visiting the Western Cape is visiting the Winelands for the wine farms and wine tasting. I’ve been in Cape Town for almost 2 years now and I’d never visited any wine Farm. There’re way over 100 (I stand to be corrected) wine farms in the Western Cape so it can be a little difficult to decide on which one to visit. So, driving through the Winelands enjoying the scenery and trying to decide where to start from…we’d heard about Babylonstoren from a friend but you can’t drive through all those wine farms and end up visiting only one, c’mon! So we made a stop at the Remhoogte Wine Farm. There wasn’t much to see there, just a few animals and a nice view, so we took a few pictures and headed out without tasting any wine. After driving about 30mins deeper into the Wine County (as I like to call it), we arrived at Babylonstoren. Before we could even drive in, we were enthralled by the sign at the entrance, never seen anything like that before. We had to stop and take some more pictures before heading in and paying the R10 (<$1) gate fee, per person. We drove around, missed our way a few times, stopped to take more pictures and finally used our map to find our way to the scent shop and other stores within the farm. After much walking around, we found the wine tasting room including an underground wine storage space. We made our way to a table where we had an attendant, and guess what? It was only R25 to taste from 5 different types of wine. I remember there was the white, the red and the rosé, can’t remember the others (shhh I actually hate wine, especially red. I can struggle with rosé but the rest, just kill me). It was a lovely experience and I’d LOVEEEE to go back there, especially for the pictures (hehe). And I plan to visit even more wine farms in the next year. They’re so ridiculously cheap, it’s unbelievable. There are some wine farms with horse ranches, some wild life, ostriches, etc. There are also some who provide chocolate tasting and other food options, some also have restaurants. There’s a world of things to do aside wine tasting so ensure you visit at least one wine farm if you’re ever on this side of the earth. I promise it’ll be a great experience. Oh, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@tmid_) for more photos of places I visit that don’t go on the blog and on Snapchat (@tmid1) for live photos and videos of travel locations. 

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  1. tmid
    December 30, 2016 at 5:04 pm

    I can totally understand why you just visited in 2years of stay. It’s like I can always go but them time passes quickly…

    I’d love to return to Cape Town for this. He scenery is gorgeous!

    • tmid
      December 30, 2016 at 5:06 pm

      Time passes so quickly, and life happens too but I’m glad I finally got around to doing it.
      You should definitely visit again. It’s unendingly beautiful

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