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Travel: Things to do in Cape Town (Tuning the Vine)

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One of my best experiences (yet) in Cape Town was at the Tuning the Vine event which takes places everyday Wednesday after the first Thursday of every month. First Thursdays is another event on its own which I’ll do a post on real soon. Tuning the Vine is an event where you visit about 12 or so wine tasting locations within the Cape Town City Bowl (called the Inner City Wine Route). The event usually starts at 5:30pm and you have to go to the first location, which is usually 91 Loop Street (I’m not sure if that’s a constant) and get the wrist tag and a wine glass which you then carry around with you to the different locations to taste a melange of amazing wine from various brands. Basically, this is what it looks like: you, with a bunch of friends, crawling the streets with a glass of wine in your hands, some drunk, some sober, some tipsy. And the city bowl is extremely safe (but still, try to keep your bags and possessions safe) so you can feel free to relax and enjoy the streets, laugh, make jokes, go crazy, you’re completely allowed. Each location is identified by balloons hanging from a chalkboard (mostly) which has some text about #TuningTheVine or #InnerCityWineRoute or something like that. So you go in and head to the guys serving the wine and they pour whichever wine you choose into your glass at no extra cost.And say you want to taste all the wine at that particular location (incase you’re an alcoholic ? or just looking to get fucked up quick (wine is baddddd, oh the hangovers ?)), you can just down the  content and request for more, no extra charges or commitments.For tickets, you have a few options. You can buy on Quicket (if you’re lucky to get the early bird tickets, they usually go for R75($5) or R100($7), or if you’re late you pay the full amount of R150($10)), or you buy at the venue for R170($11) OR you hop right on GroupOn( and get Double Tickets for R150, that’s two tickets for R150. Isn’t that an awesome deal? But it’s quite difficult to find these deals, I literally had to manipulate the URL to find it (e.g. changing from, which is the URL for the event in March & April 2016′, to, which is the event in September).So basically, you have to change the last digit in the URL to get the right one. Just keep changing 9,10,11, etc. until you find the one you’re looking for.I had so so much fun, and then we got to one of the locations where they were serving Champagne and that was when I lost it ?. This was at La Parada, which is a tapas restaurant on Bree Street. While we sat and nursed our drinks, a couple of guys invited us to their table and we had this amazing chicken that melted in my mouth (I’m not sure if I enjoyed it that much because I was drunk but anyway) with roasted corn and a couple glasses of mojito, and that was all it took to undo my sanity ?. Can’t complain though, it was an amazing night, if we ignore the hangover I had to deal with the next morning, AT THE OFFICE ?.Best Tuning The Vine experience yet. 

Skirt I’m wearing is TMId.

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