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Travel: How to Vacation in Winter & On a Budget

Lately, I’ve been aggressively overworking myself, trying to achieve goals I have set for myself and trying to run ahead of time. At some point, I think I exhausted all energy within me, both mental and physical and I told myself it was time to rest. Unfortunately or fortunately (depends on if you like to see the glass half-full or half-empty), we happen to still be in winter and I was sure this body wasn’t going to survive even one more month so I decided to take leave from work and embark on a mini vacation (yay!).

I know winter seems like the ‘wrongest’ season to go on a vacation but I simply cannot imagine being unable to vacation for months because of something as insignificant as ‘cold weather’, it ain’t got nothing on me bruh! I imagine that once I am stable enough to travel as much as I’d love to, I’d want to be able to up and leave at anytime, winter, fall, summer or spring. Nature is out there everyday, not only in summer and an amazing thing is there are those nature’s secrets which only come out in winter and you can find them only then. Plus every thing is way cheaper in winter, everything!DSC_0140-01Honestly, I think winter is the best time to go on a vacation if you’re on a tight budget because everyone is lowering their prices to entice people into getting out and conquering winter’s chill. Plus if you are the type who doesn’t fancy crowds, now that will be an amazing deal for you, cheap and private, score! And as we all know, half bread is better than none; you don’t have to stay indoors all year round because you cannot afford a vacation, instead plan your vacation in winter and give yourself the opportunity to say “I travelled this year. I saw the world this year.” Increase your experiences, add more to your Life Curriculum Vitae *wink*, it is the most important thing, if we cannot explore this beautiful, FREE gift called Earth, what then is left to enjoy?

I was reading through the Ultimate Bucket List Trip: South Africa on Forbes the other day and when I got to the part that mentioned how South Africa is home to two of the most famous luxury trains in the world, I burst out laughing; I was with my sister too and she laughed also and we were wondering if the article was written maybe decades ago, even if. It was funny at that time because the only trains we knew were the local commuter trains which are Metro Rail, which is in most cities and The Gautrain which is in Gauteng. Upon reading further, we realised we were the ones to be laughed at, apparently there are extra-superb luxury trains in South Africa, The Blue Train and Rovos Rail. Super expensive luxury trains that cost averagely R15000 (approx $1000) per night, but the experience is totally worth it, from what I’ve read online. The service is reportedly top notch with a variety of activities on board the train. Anywho, I am not here to talk about the trains.

Finding out about the luxury trains made me realise there is so much in Cape Town that I don’t know about, that a lot of locals don’t know about, that a lot of people who live in Cape Town don’t know about, and even more importantly, a lot of people outside South Africa don’t know about. So, at that moment, I decided to use my tiny little blog to share and enlighten those who don’t know or somehow don’t have access to the details.

I am on an adventure to find the hidden gems within Cape Town, those that only few locals know about, those beautiful to-die-for locations, those you never even hear about. So I embarked on Day 1 of my mini vacation yesterday (03 August, 2016) to a place in Bakoven called Little Beach or Beta Beach, I’m not sure which it is. It says Little Beach on Google Maps but getting there I saw it’s on Beta Road, probably why it is called Beta Beach. Used the MyCiti Bus (Bus 107) to Camps Bay from Long Street, Cape Town (I believe you can also take that from the Civic Centre), and changed to Bus 109 at Camps Bay, but I made sure I took a few pictures at Camps Bay before hopping on the 109. You can get the MyCiti bus card with loaded points for about R50 (less than $5).

It was a tiny little beach shielded by tiny beautiful house and beautiful rocks, cut away from the big and busy Camps Bay beach. So serene and private, I literally almost fell asleep while watching the waves, feeding the birds and obsessing over the dassies. There was a little LOVE sign at the entrance of the beach that made my day (see picture below). Whoever is responsible for this was obviously not playing, hilarious!

It was way beyond amazing, I didn’t want to leave. Even right now, I wouldn’t mind moving there and sleeping on the extra green grass. At some point it started to rain lightly (yeah, Cape Town and its winter rain *eye roll* – and do you know how cool it is that we can get 2-3 seasons in one day or even all 4. I think that’s incredible), I took cover somewhere under the trees but that was after I had gotten a little ‘blessed’ and wet, and believe it or not, less than an hour after, we went from this picture on the left to the one on the right.

At some point, I needed to use the bathroom and I found a cute family sitting outside their house who were so kind to let me use their bathroom and even offered me a muffin afterwards, bless their souls! When I had had my fill of the place, I started heading back at about 5pm, took a walk back to Camps Bay instead of using the bus again, it was just a 25 minutes walk. And ofcourse, there were more beautiful places to see on the way back.

You know what I love most about Cape Town? It’s her diversity, how within 500m you’d have experienced a diversity of landscapes, from ocean to mountains to beautiful architecture. Sometimes I wonder how we’re so lucky to have all of this for free, it’s way too amazing!

I then took the bus back to into town and headed to Diva Cafe Ristorante for some yummy pizza and hot chocolate since it had gotten chilly again. Got home super exhausted and still feeling so excited.

Tomorrow, my mini vacation continues, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens or The Boulders Beach Penguin Colony. Hope you’re excited as I am? Stay tuned and I’d ensure I keep you up to date with all the happenings so you can share this experience with me and hopefully explore and share your experiences too.


Joy Idahosa




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