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Travel: A Hike and a ride up the amazing Table Mountain 

Yes!!! I finally got to the top of table mountain. A while back I took a hike up there with a few friends but because we started the hike a bit late, it started to get dark before we reached the top so we had to end the trip and head back down. It was an amazing hike and the trip down was even more fun because we had to hike down with the help of just one tiny phone’s torch. It was scary but exhilarating. A few people joined us on the way down and we played some music, sang along and of course, we twerked too. Well, I twerked, I always twerk. The view at the bottom was amazing, you get to see a huge part of the city from on top. It was breathtaking. Now fast forward to 2 years later, I got a chance to go there again, but this time with the help of the cable car. It was around R250 ($20), if I do remember correctly, to get a return ticket. The queue was long ASF, it was tourist time in Cape Town. CT gets so crowded in December, but it’s amazing anyway, you get the chance to meet a whole lot of new people. After waiting in the queue, we finally got on the cable car and started the ascent up table mountain. I was so damn excited, I thought my heart would leap out of my chest. For a video of the trip up the mountain, follow me on Instagram, @tmid_, I have uploaded one for your pleasure. Yes, I’m nice like that. We went from thirty something degrees at the bottom to about 10 degrees at the top, and I was unfortunately dressed for summer. Nobody prepared me. But you guys have me, so here’s a very important tip if you’re going up table mountain and plan on actually having fun and enjoying the view, wrap yourself up like you’re going to visit Antarctica. Don’t play around, don’t wear one layer, because even in the hot ass summer heat, the top is freaking cold. I mean you’re what? 1085m above sea level, you’re rolling with the clouds, for the first time in your (my) life, the phrase “have your head in the clouds” can actually be taken literally, and it’ll be a good thing, and you wouldn’t wanna get your head out of it ?.More tips, take your own lunch or dinner or whatever. Food up there is quite pricey, I don’t remember the prices but they must have been a bit too high because we decided to wait till we got down to get something to eat. I’m not saying don’t patronize the restaurants and shops up there (oh, there are restaurants and shops up there, proper restaurants, and bathrooms and clothing stores incase like me, you forgot to bring a jacket and don’t mind spending some R500 ($40) on an ugly, boring jacket that you’d probably only ever wear once), feel free to do that because it’s all part of building the country’s tourism industry. Another good tip could be choosing a day when the weather is a bit fair and it’s not so cloudy because a cloudy day would mean you don’t get to enjoy the view, which was me. It was like we were surrounded by a huge white wall of cloud, couldn’t see shit. A few times the cloud cleared up abit but not long enough for a good picture. All in all, it was a fair trip. I’m going to have to go up again on a day with better weather conditions though because I can’t say that I enjoyed it that much, especially with the freezing temperature and all. Despite the cold, we stayed up there quite awhile, because who’s pussy enough to not enjoy a trip up table mountain because of mere cold. I’m Nigerian, I don’t back down easy ?. We made a stop at the warm and cozy coffee shop and had a beautifully warm cup of tea before heading out again. By the time we started the trip down, after queuing again (the cable car goes up and down quite often so you get to leave whenever you want. I think the last ride down is at 8 or 9pm), the sun was starting to set and of course, when is that ever not a beautiful sight to behold?! Forgetting about the cold, it was an amazing trip and I’m definitely going up there again sometime soon. I’d have to do another post of course since all I got now is a bunch of cloudy freezing pictures. Next time I’d get to bring you the entire breathtaking view. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and find that video, I promise you, it is worth watching. 



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