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TMId Couture: Lace & Chiffon

Aha! Hi there,

This one’s been a long time coming; I had this shoot on the 17th of December last year and I got a new job and it’s been a bit hectic, hence the terrible delay in writing this post. Also, if I am being totally honest, I haven’t really been in the right mood to write a post, the juices just refused to flow *lol*.

In our last post (an entire decade ago) we announced a collaboration with a South African brand called Essence de la Vie and this shoot was for that collaboration. This was my first ever and it was absolutely amazing and I am even more excited about the ones yet to come.

So here’s the story behind the shoot, I decided to try out couture and make my first evening dress and of course I chose the “easy” option, lace and chiffon. I couldn’t afford the kind of lace I wanted so I had to make do with this. It was a very scary adventure to take on, and fun fact: I literally had to sew on the lace on the model’s body (great learning curve). In the end the shoot was amazing and I’m a bit proud of my work, I mean it isn’t half bad *lol*. And of course, the beautiful jewelries and accessories are by Essence de la Vie.

For the longest I have been obsessed with fashion photography and this has created a desire to design clothes and take aesthetically pleasing photos of them, photos that deserve to be called art. This is my first attempt at fashion photography, and these photos are for your eyes to love and your heart to enjoy, I hope it touches you in places you never knew existed *wink*.

This shoot involved other outfits which will be posted on a later date. I hope you enjoy this for now :*.


Thanks to all who made this happen; to Madri for the beautiful accessories and for taking awesome photographs, to Uyai for modelling for TMId, to Vanessa for helping with makeup, to ImperialMediaPhotography for assisting with editing some of the photos and to the rest of my friends who came to support me at the shoot, I got too much love for you niggas *kisses*.

Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think, it would mean a lot :D.

Model: Uyai Peters

Designed and made by: Joy for TMId

Photography: Madri Joubert

Makeup: Vanessa Williams (Vex Up)

Location: Rhodes Memorial, Cape Town


Read all about Essence de la Vie in the previous post and you can contact them on:

Cellular: +27 (0)79 285 0352



Love, kisses and hugs.



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