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How To Style A Thrifted Wool Knit Jacket

Do you ever see people in really cool clothes and hear the garment was thrifted, and you either were mind blown or couldn’t understand what thrifting is? Thrifting, in simple terms means, buying items from either a second-hand shop, vintage store, garage sale or a charity shop. You would usually find thrift stores everywhere, a large outdoor market (like where I bought mine – Grand Parade Wednesday & Saturday market), or a normal market stall or mall shop.

How-to-style-thifted-wool-knit-jacket vI thrifted this jacket for a steal at R150 ($11) and I can’t believe I almost didn’t buy it. Already walked off without buying, and then I had a second thought and ran back all the way to get it. It is super warm and the loop-knit fabric looks way too cool, I’m certainly proud of this purchase. Thrifted items can sometimes be new items from store’s rejected stock so don’t be scared to go a-thrifting.How-to-style-wool-knit-blazer How-to-style-wool-knit-blazerThe off-white cotton & fur dress was made by me and it is perfect for winter with a thick fabric keeping you warm and the fur absorbing most of the cold around the legs. And it is super chic too, looks super cute and I felt AH-mazing in it. Decided to pair the look with these super comfortable sneakers from OutBack Red at Truworths.How-to-style-thifted-wool-knit-jacket How-to-style-thifted-wool-knit-jacket

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Jacket : Thrifted

Dress: TMId

Sneakers: OBR


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