I had been long overdue for a spa visit as the lady who does my brows moved far away and I wasn’t going to let anyone else touch my brows, no way! Luckily for me, one day I messaged her and she told me she now worked literally down my street at Suntra Spa inside the African Pride 15 on Orange Hotel, which is like the coolest hotel within the area. I excitedly made a booking and started mentally preparing. The plan was to visit the hotel, use the spa and restaurant and then do a full review.

I literally cannot explain enough how gorgeous this hotel is, the spa, the restaurant, the aesthetics. Taking the fancy elevator up to the 7th floor where the spa is located and being greeted immediately as the elevator doors open, by a beautiful reception area and their always beautiful receptionists.


Completely loved the design of the reception area with the minimalist vibe and the serenity of the place. The receptionist welcomed me in and directed me to sit while I waited for my therapist, since I arrived way earlier than my appointment time. The therapist later came and took me into a room where I was told to lie on a bed. PAUSE! I have never done a mani and pedi while lying down before, I always had to sit up. That was the first thing that had me sold, lying down while someone massages your feet and paints your toe nails? I’m definitely in, every month.

Shu-meez the eyebrow artist


Like that wasn’t enough, someone came in and asked if I needed a towel. I’m like “Girl, yes! Whatever makes me feel more comfy!” So she brought me a large towel to place over my clothes and then blew my mind by asking if I wanted coffee. Like, coffee for free. Bruh, I requested for a hot chocolate and it was all it took to knock me out. The most delicious hot chocolate, on the house, and while someone worked on your feet? I don’t think there’s a better deal out there, to be honest. Well, I’ve never seen or heard of one, especially for their perfectly reasonable price. I will put a link to their website at the end of the post, so you can go have yourself an amazing experience like I did.review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel

I slept off during the pedicure and I had to fight to stay awake during the mani because then I had to sit up. My nails turned out soooo gorgeous and I’m madly in love with the color the therapist chose for me. It’s definitely a color I wouldn’t pick for myself but it turned out so great for my skin tone.review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel


After my feet were cleaned and soaked, I did my eyebrow threading. They decided it’ll be better to do the painful part first, so thoughtful! Shu-meez does perfect threading, I’ve been to many therapists but she’s certainly the best. She does it so quick and ALWAYS gets the perfect shape for your eyebrows. ALWAYS.review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel


It didn’t stop there, I went back the next week for a bath and a massage. I literally have no words to describe the bath tubs they use for their special baths. OH MY GOD! I mean, you can see the pictures. Literally the luxuriest bath tub I’ve ever seen in my life and it felt so damn good. I got out of my outfit and changed into the little panties and hair cover, and stepped into the glorious bath. There was a glass of water waiting for me by the tub. There were buttons to turn on/off the bubbles, and trust me, I used those. The bath was so relaxing and too calming. The aura of the place, the music, the bubbles, it was all so perfect.

Me enjoying the bath
Panties and hair covers



After the bath, I headed into the next room for a back, neck and shoulder massage. Let me tell you the truth, the massage was sooooo good, I spent 80% praying it wouldn’t end. Like I laid there, every 5 minutes, praying the 45 minutes wasn’t up yet. The masseuse asked if I wanted soft or medium, I told her to go hard because my back had been through so much, especially with the sewing. After some time, I asked her to go medium and it was all it took to not beg her to continue forever. I was terribly disappointed when the massage was over, I wished it’ll go on forever.review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel


After the massage, I got my cup of hot chocolate, on the house, again. By the way, I should point out that a drink on the house is only offered to long standing, regular clients. So if you want to be spoilt rotten, I’d suggest you visit the spa often. I went down to the restaurant to have my hot chocolate and ordered a Smoked Salmon Linguine. Savour Restaurant is on the first floor of the hotel, with a lovely ambience and dark aesthetics, I really loved the setting and decorations used, certainly sets a mood. You can find their menu here.review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel

The Smoked Salmon Linguine was absolutely delicious, it was all I could do not to lick the sauce off the plate when I was done. I ordered another glass of hot chocolate and I could have just slept off there. Their hot chocolate is so damn amazing, it knocks me out every time! After all of this, I got home at about 4pm, slept off before 5pm and didn’t wake up or blink until 10am the next day. I was completely knocked out. I woke up feeling like I just came down from heaven. Sleeping for 17 hours straight, that’s what a great time at Suntra Spa and Savour Restaurant will do to you.

The restaurant



The prices are incredibly great for such a fancy hotel (spa and restaurant) and I felt absolutely lucky to be able to experience that. I obviously plan to visit them once a month, for two very important reasons. One, they provide the best experience; two, the only person allowed to touch my brows works there, hehe. Oh wait, there’s actually three, the tall glasses of delicious hot chocolate on the house.

They also offer account packages where you pay monthly and you get access to their treatments based on how much you pay, which I think is super amazing. I’d recommend this spa and restaurant anytime. If you’re in the mood to get spoilt, just hit them up and they’ll hook you up.

Top treatments you should definitely get will be the jet bath and a massage, those two are heavenly. Their manicure and pedicure treatments are also really great, especially since you get to lie down and cozy up with a towel while someone works on your feet. There are still some treatments I’m yet to try and hope to do so in the next few months. Make sure to let them know you read my review if you ever end up visiting them. Till next time, xx.review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotelreview-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel

review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel

Some of their products
One of the rooms

review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel review-suntr-spa-15-on-orange-hotel

  • Address: Find directions here
  • Website: Check out their website here.
  • Pricelist: Find their price list here.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful place to visit! Definitely putting it on my list!

  2. Tegan Theunissen Reply

    Looks good. Visited the hotel once, i think it’s about time i have a spa day.

  3. Bucket list just increase by one….African Pride, here I come…hehe. Might as well start here…

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