On this particular day, I wore probably one of my favourite jackets. This waterfall jacket literally makes everything you wear it with look exceptionally good; whether it’s a dress, a casual skirt and top or, as I wore it, distressed boyfriend jeans (yes, same jeans from this post) and a white t-shirt. It somehow adds this chic-ness to your look and also keeps you warm at the same time.

I made this jacket over a year ago and it has been one of my favourite wardrobe staples since the day I gave it life (LOL). Easy, comfortable, convenient, gives that necessary “swaggu” while you catwalk down the street on a windy day and it also has pockets on the sides. It’s perfect, one of those garments that give you peace of mind once you get them into your wardrobe. I completely love it!

Outfit details:

Waterfall Jacket: TMId

Boyfriend Jeans: Thrifted

Boots: Mr Price


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