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Personal Style: The TMId Culottes

Hey big head,

Lol . I wore this culottes to the interview for my current job and there’s an awesome story behind it that I’d so love to share. So, in November 2015, I had been invited to the 3rd stage of the interview process at my current company and I was mighty nervous and seriously wanted to impress. At that time, there was nothing in my closet that could impress as much as I wanted it to. So I decided to go fabric shopping and source for cheap fabric since I was broke AF at that point. After checking a couple of fabric stores, I stepped into the one where I found this one and it was one of the first that caught my eye; and guess what I found out? That fabric was one of the winter fabrics from this exact company which I was going to an interview for, can you believe it? After each season, they sell off remaining fabrics to local stores at a give away price, I hear. I didn’t need to consider any other fabric, I immediately claimed this one and was on my way.


Culottes were trending heavily then and I just had to have mine, and seeing as I also I wanted to impress, I wanted to prove to them I was trendy and fashionable even though I was applying for a position in their IT department, not fashion, but to me it was still relevant. I didn’t want the usual culottes look everyone had so I added a flap over the pants to give it more personality 😉 and added inverted pleats and pockets for even more personality lol.DSC_0191-01My interviewer actually commented on the pants and stared at them for like over 30 secs after she asked if I made them; maybe she recognised the fabric, I don’t know, or she just really liked them. I hope it was the latter.

And I got the job a couple of weeks after; just restating the obvious lol.DSC_0211-02DSC_0206-01So fast forward to after I had finally relaxed into the job and was having a total blast at the company, still am – I had worn my culottes a couple of times in the summer and now it was winter, so I paired it with a long sleeve black top and this oversized jacket I made some time ago.

For the interview, first time I wore it, I was dressed in white all through; had on a sleeveless white top which I had made specifically for the culottes, you can see a peek in the first photo, took that photo on the interview day. DSC_0202-01DSC_0201-01DSC_0195-01So yeah, my long ass story comes to an end, don’t tell me you don’t think it’s a dope story too, uh? uh? *sideeye*. Lol.

Until next time, xoxo

Outfit details: Coat: TMId; Culottes: TMId; Top: Mr Price; Shoes: Truworths




  1. tmid
    July 12, 2016 at 11:12 am

    […] almost too good to be true (and its the same fabric store I got the fabric for the culottes in my previous post. Trying to beat the winter blues, I decided to go all out with colour and paired the yellow […]

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