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Personal Style: The Really Wide Leg Pants & Some Great News

Hey guys,

So I had to attend a friend’s birthday and of course once everything you have in your closet has be worn once, you literally have nothing to wear anymore. So I went to the store and was lucky enough to get this bodysuit in a size 6 (yes I can wear size 6?). I don’t like to wear completely tight outfits so I decided to pair it with this wide leg pants I made about 2 years ago for my MSc graduation. I’m surprised it still fits right although my bum was causing a few problems but it was nothing we couldn’t handle. The pants feature side pockets which I loveee and box pleats on the front and knife pleats on the back. I totally loved the look eventually with the hair which I was forced to make after my hair was ruined at the salon. So I guess, in every disappointment there’s a blessing tehe. And I wanna share some great news because I’m sooooo excited. So I took the day off yesterday because I wasn’t feeling too well, and I had spent the better part of my morning regretting my decision and feeling so bad. Then I got a call from my boss’s boss and here I am thinking I’m about to be told I’m fired (read fayaaaad) and I hear I got a promotion. I was maddd excited and few things genuinely excite me because I expect too much and some things just seem like little or unimportant victories to me. But this one was so huge, I wasn’t expecting it. It’s literally my first ever promotion *gasp*. So I’m in such an amazing mood right now and I just want to be here in this bubble forever hehe. I’m gonna gift myself a camera for this, so hopefully soon I’ll have better content to share with you guys. I’ve always felt like I wasn’t giving my best to my blog but now I feel so excited like I can do so much more. So I’m looking forward to doing a whole lot more. Hope y’all are excited with me. Got any good news this week? Feel like sharing? I think sharing good news is so important because there’s so much bad stuff happening in the world and the best we can do is spread a little light. Looking forward to hearing yours and even if you don’t have some now, I really pray that whatever it is you’re looking forward to or hoping for, it’ll be yours sooner than you think. Love and light to you all, muah!

Outfit details:

Pants : TMId

Top: Mr Price




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