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Personal Style: The Printed Fleece Poncho

Hey hey hey,

So I finally wore this fleece poncho after owning if for over a year. I made it some time early last year and I always felt nervous about wearing it because it is so heavily printed with a quite unique print. But one day, someone saw it hanging in my closet and asked where I had bought it and said she thought it was really nice. Then I thought to myself, “someone actually thinks this is nice? Ah well, fuck it! I am wearing it tomorrow.” And wear it I did. Ended up really loving it.

I am still very much a rookie to this photo-editing-for-blog thing. I kind of feel like these pictures are way too bright, but then again, I think, maybe not. Spent too long trying to decide and I have garments to sew today and it’s already almost 3pm, so I gave up and just carried on with posting lol. If they are too bright, my apologies, baby steps.

Outfit details:

Fleece Poncho: TMId

Pants: Mr Price

Pointy-Toe Heels: The Truworths Collection


Photo Credit: Gege



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