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Personal Style: Janelle Monáe-esque

Hey hey,

When I started this blog, I had ZERO intentions of showing my face on here or making it about me, I just wanted it to be all TMId. But with time I realised, is there TMId without Joy (me)? Of course not! So I decided to include a personal style section since I am the one person who wears TMId the most.

This was a work day and I had just “taken” these ripped boyfriend jeans from a friend (there was no guilt tripping involved, promise!) and I was having the usual lazy day (everyday is a lazy day for me lol). So I decided to pair them with a crisp white shirt and added the Janelle Monáe effect, hence the neck tie and hat, well the hat was mostly because I had an entire bad hair week; I’ve had it on almost everyday, so bad that I was asked if I also wore it to sleep lol. Then I finished off with these caged sandals to take a little out of the “corporate-ness”. Not so bad huh?

I started typing this post having nothing to say, yet look at me, I could just carry on *smh*. Okay I’m going to stop now. Outfit details below.

Neck tie: TMId

Boyfriend Jeans: Friend got it at a Thrift store.

Shirt, Sandals: Mr Price

Hat: Random store at the mall


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