I feel so so guilty putting this outfit on the blog because there is absolutely no piece of TMId on me. The outfit is just so dope and I couldn’t settle for just one instagram post, no no! It must exist in the archives lol.

Now that I’ve said what needs to be said and let the guilt go, I can now rant on about how cool the Athleisure style is. Anything from sweat pants, hoodies, sneakers, yoga pants or any sport related garment, work them into your daily outfit, and bang! Athleisure! The one thing I love about this style is how you can look so glamorous and still be super comfy and even ‘lazy’ at the same time. Such a banging style!

Decided to pair this hoodie which I bought from the menswear section of Mr Price with these to-die-for knee-high boots which were a total steal! Oh, and that pop of colour, everything! As an aside, have you noticed how you always find all the gems in the men’s section? If I am shopping in a cheaper store, I’ll  spend more time in the menswear section because these stores seem to invest more in the fabrics of their menswear than the women’s. I definitely will not find a fabric as good as this in the ladies section at the price I got this for. So, yay menswear!

Outfit details:

Hoodie: Mr Price Menswear; Knee-High Boots: Truworths

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