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News: The Guest Feature Series

So, I decided to start a guest feature series. Given that the next few weeks are going to be super busy for me, concentrating on the third part of my life (being a Software Developer), I figured it’ll be better to have people write on the blog about anything interesting to them. This will ensure I keep you guys updated with interesting reads while I get busy with adulting.

There are currently 5 people who’ve agreed to write about solo traveling and other interesting topics. I think it’ll be super interesting to read people’s opinions and experiences regarding solo traveling. For those who’ve already solo traveled, the hope is that you get to read about other people’s perspectives and even get some tips that may be useful to you on your next trip. For those who’ve never solo traveled, hopefully you’ll get some inspiration to travel solo, with useful tips that you can use on your first solo trip.

One of the guests in this series will be talking about how she got inspired by people (including me) to travel and explore. This one is already a favorite because there is nothing better than seeing people get inspired to travel. It’s so amazing to watch someone get so fascinated by something that they want to do it too, especially when you’re one of the people who’ve inspired them. To end the series, I’ll be sharing my own recent super-amazing solo travel experience with you. Trust me, this one was filled with so much fun and activities and even risky activities, that it has to be at the top of the list of my most adrenaline-filled trips, really can’t wait to share with you guys. I will also be posting the remaining posts in the Zanzibar Series during this period, just to end the series properly.

Basically, I hope this guest feature series gets to inspire as many people as possible, as you read about the experiences of others. I hope those who share their solo travel experiences inspire you to travel too, and those who share their inspiration inspire you to get inspired too, hehe. There’s one other guest who hasn’t decided what she’d like to write about but I’m sure it’s going to be super interesting too.

So, subscribe to the blog guys, to get immediate email updates of new posts sent to you. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think. Also, if you would like to write on the blog in future, feel free to pop me an email on and I’d be happy to discuss it with you. Till next time, xx.


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