Traveling Europe: All Countries From Cheapest to Most Expensive

Are you like me that swears she must travel the entire world while she can, and have all the best experiences while creating the best, most unforgettable memories? Yes? Yes? There are what? Like one billion cities in the world; okay! Okay! I exaggerate. But there are so many cities in the world that one can travel to, with a myriad of experiences and locations, that it can be so damn difficult to choose where you want to go to.

If you’ve always wanted to travel Europe but don’t know what it will cost you, you’re in luck! I have created a checklist of all the countries in Europe from cheapest to most expensive. The calculations were done based on daily costs and with information like this, it’ll definitely help in making that decision way easier. Check boxes were also included, which you can tick as you travel, so as to keep track of where you’ve been to and how many countries you have traveled to.

I was unfortunately unable to find data for a few countries (13 out of the 51), as most of them are not major tourist destinations, so little or no tourism data is provided. There are certainly plans to update the file as time goes on, with details for every continent in the world. The next update will include Africa. I unfortunately could not include flight costs because, all my followers are in totally different locations, but the list covers accommodation costs too. It can be used if you’re a tight-budget traveler or the usual traveler, read on to find out how.

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I did extensive research on all the countries in Europe, which was the easiest part of this project, and came up with the list. The cost provided in the list for each country is travel cost for one of their major cities. For instance, Greece’s costs is for Santorini, Spain – Tenerife, Germany – Berlin, France – Paris, Bulgaria – Sofia, Hungary – Budapest, Romania – Bucharest, Norway – Oslo, Italy – Naples, etc. . The price difference between each city in a country isn’t so much, except there are major tourist locations in a city and you’re a sucker for tourist sites. I have excluded the price for tourist sites and some other ‘extravagances’ that not everyone usually indulges in, you’ll see those prices in brackets, so you can add to the actual cost if that’s what you’re into.

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When you download and open the file, you’ll see that each country has two prices: one without brackets and another in brackets, this section will explain all that in detail so you can understand what makes up each cost. Each cost per country is calculated based on daily expenses. I have created the most motivating, i.e., the cheapest list so I can motivate you guys to travel. The cost includes hotel price per day, but instead of maybe an expensive hotel, a hostel or backpacker. You can add about 70% of the amount for a 3-star hotel and upwards.

Each cost without brackets includes:

  • A bed/room in a hostel or backpacker. For a 3-star hotel, add about 70% of the amount without brackets.
  • Local food, which is actually the best way to eat when in a different country. Cost covers three meals per day.
  • Travel expenses for the day.

The cost in brackets represent other ‘luxuries’ that not every one normally indulges in, and I though it would be unfair to scare off the ‘chilled’ travelers with the high prices when they won’t even be drinking or partying or traveling around much. A lot of travelers are just fine with traveling to a new city, walking around, meeting locals, eating local food, visiting free tourist attractions and not bothering with all the ‘luxuries’. And that is just fine, sometimes they don’t even know how to or where to go to, so they do just what they can, and I am here to encourage people like that to travel too. You still get to experience the new country anyway. So, the second cost covers:

  • Alcohol and partying.
  • Visiting one major tourist attraction per day.


If you do go ahead with downloading the file – I really hope you do – choose any destination in Europe and once you book a flight ticket, tick that country off the list. If you’ve already been to certain countries, tick those immediately too, so if you’re asked one day how many countries you’ve been to, you can just go on there and count just how many ticks you have. You don’t ever have to worry about forgetting or leaving a country out in a count. Yay you!countries-in-europe-checklist


I have attached a downloadable file, which you can open using Evernote, download links available below. Evernote is available on all phone, tablet and PC platforms so you can access this file anywhere, anytime. Just search your App Store on your phone or tablet.  Evernote is super easy to use, once you’ve used the download steps below. Go through the list to choose where you want to travel to based on how much you can afford per day and find flight costs for that destination.


  1. First download Evernote to your device. You will have to create a new account if you don’t have an existing one.
  2. When done downloading, click on this download link for this file.
  3. Click on the “Save to Evernote” button. This saves to your account if you’ve already created an account and are signed in. If not, you’re asked to create an account or sign in.
  4. Once signed in, the file will be saved to your Evernote account. It can then be accessed on any of your devices that has the app installed, or online.
  5. You will be able to access it as I make changes to the file.

NB: You cannot edit or use the tick boxes when you open the file in browser. You have to open it on the app to be able to edit it.


  1. This download gives you access to use this file for personal use only.
  2. If you wish to use it for commercial use, or you wish to improve on it, please send an email to
  3. © 2017 tmidofficial. All Rights Reserved.


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