Joy Idahosa


Personal Style: Blending Greys

The color grey is one timeless color, that’s if it can be referred to as a color. You guys probably already know I’m obsessed with monochrome outfits (re this post). They’re so easy to wear and super easy to style, either with other colors, or together. I’ve always wanted to try this layering idea and I found this perfect sleeveless chunky…

How To Style A Thrifted Wool Knit Jacket

Do you ever see people in really cool clothes and hear the garment was thrifted, and you either were mind blown or couldn’t understand what thrifting is? Thrifting, in simple terms means, buying items from either a second-hand shop, vintage store, garage sale or a charity shop. You would usually find thrift stores everywhere, a large outdoor market (like where…


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