A Fashion Post and A DIY

Hey guys, So recently I’ve been obsessing over the embroidery trend on clothes and accessories. I previously did a post where I used the embroidery trend on a fake LV bag I got and I started obsessing over doing that on a pair of Madison mules I was starting to get tired of. I finally planned and got down to it.…

Personal Style: Metallica 

I’m worried the metallic trend is gone already and I didn’t get the chance to hop on it. Ah well, better late than never. But I still don’t think the trend is over just yet. Made these pants a while back and I think I was too chicken to wear it out, still haven’t. I think it’s just going to remain…

Trends: Exaggerated Sleeves

For the longest, I haven’t found a trend that speaks to me like the exaggerated sleeves does. It’s just so easy, so unique, so uncommon (I know some people might be too ‘shy’ to try it out). I am mostly obsessed with the uncountable variations of the style you can experiment with. It’s like the fashion gods just thought, we…


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