Travel: Signal Hill, Cape Town

Having visited Table Mountain and Lion’s Head severally (if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’d know Lion’s Head is one of my favorite hiking spots here). I had always seen Signal Hill on the left (or right, depends on your vantage point) of Lion’s Head, but I never really felt motivated to go there because it didn’t seem that much…

DIY: Floral Embroidered Heel Shoe Trend

A follower asked for this floral embroidered heel DIY to be posted on the blog and because I’m soo nice :p and absolutely love my followers, I obliged. Just going to do a quick tutorial. I’m sure everyone has seen this trend everywhere, from Gucci to Public Desire. You can easily make yours too. I got these pair of shoes…

DIY: The Gucci Embroidered Mules/Loafers Trend

So, finally a detailed DIY for this embroidery trend. Whoop!!! So here’s a secret, I didn’t use embroidered patches. Yes, yes it’s doable. So I knew I obviously couldn’t find those specific embroidered flower (roses) patches, which is the common design on most of these embroidered pieces, especially the Gucci ones; after thinking it over for a bit, I figured…


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