I am a software developer with an intense love for fashion and travel. I deeply want to be able to see the world and experience the deepest secrets the earth holds while also chasing my career and  fashion interests. Everyone knows it is not quite easy to travel the world when you have a full time job but I will not let that hinder my inner desires, from thinking and wishing to actually executing; getting on a plane and flying to hidden islands with strangers I know nothing about and a racing heart with a tummy filled with drug-induced butterflies. Vacation-In-Winter-CapeTown6My first adventure started in my city where I live, Cape Town, South Africa. I am a Nigerian who moved to Johannesburg, South Africa to study in 2013 and then moved to Cape Town in 2015 and completely fell in love. I hope to see as much of my city before the year runs out and then I can satisfactorily venture out into the other parts of the world.DSC_0312-01While I chase these desires, I remain grounded in the other thing that makes my heart beat, fashion. I design my own clothes and also use this blog as an avenue to share the ideas and exciting designs I come up with. _MG_6995I hope you enjoy my contents and please feel free to recommend new ideas. If there’s somewhere in Cape Town you want a review on before travelling down, feel free to ask in the comment section of any post or contact me on contact@tmidofficial.com. Love and kisses!


Joy Idahosa


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